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Ceramic pots, vases, plates and bottles

Ceramics are timeless and versatile. The basis of ceramic traditionally is clay. The difference is made by factors such as the sort of clay, substances that are added and the temperature at which it is baked. Ever since antiquity ceramic has been applied for simple as well as very luxurious products.

We have two selections of ceramic pots, vases and plates for you: the timeless and stylish basic collection and the varying collection of articles in accordance with the latest trends.

Basic collection ceramics

Timeless design and quality are central. The basic collection of ceramics consists of a great variety of pots, vases and plates. This collections is continuously in stock and can be delivered during a long period of time. Whether you have a florist’s wholesale or a garden centre: the basic collection constitutes a stable source of income and should therefore not be lacking on your shelves.

Trendcollection: the latest trends in ceramics

The trendy collection of ceramic pots, vases, plates and bottles is notably linked to seasons. Trends are often seasonal, especially as far as colours are concerned. Also with respect to particular prints and finishes trends are clearly discernible.

We carefully keep an eye on trends and predictions of trends. Products are developed or puchased in line with the latest trends. Obviously the trendy collection changes regularly. It is therefore sensible to visit our showroom now and then to be newly inspired. We will gladly inform you about the latest trends and expectations with respect to new developments!

Can we help you in any (other) way?

Apart from continuously guarding the quality of our products, we are ‘trendwatchers’in our field of interest. We would like to do more than selling our ceramic products. We gladly advise you in putting together your assortment and its presentation on your shelves.

Would you like to know more? Please make an appointment with one of our salesmen; call +31(0)348-56 61 30!