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Wholesale in glass decoration

Glass decoration is to be found in practically every interior. Variations in colour and form are enormous – therefore there always is a product that suits the style of the interior. Most popular remain clear, transparant glass decorations. Floran wholesale delivers glass decoration to many florist’s wholesales, garden centres and growers.

Decorative glass in every size

Floran delivers glass in practically every possible size. A distinctive feature is the large supply of extra large sizes of decorative glassware. In the realm of glass decoration we continuously adapt our supply to the latest trends which we of course closely observe.

A great variety of glass decoration

Apart from a large supply as far as sizes are concerned, we offer you a wide range of glass decoration articles. There are, among other things:

  • Square vases
  • Hurricane vases
  • Cylinders
  • Conical vases
  • Decorative ‘cognacvases’
  • Machine made glass
  • Ecoglass

Of course all these products are available in different models. Within the collection decorative glassware there is a choice between decoration glass from the trendy or basic collection. The trendy collection follows the latest trends while the basic collection has a more timeless character.

Large Quantities and Special Offers

As a wholesale in glass for florist’s wholesale, garden centres and growers we also offer
decorative glassware from a basic collection. Yet we can imagine that you might want to offer your customers just a little bit more. That is why we regularly have special offers, which mainly consist of large quantities. Trendy glass for a basic price!

Gaining inspiration?

We can tell you a lot about glass decoration, but seeing the products yourself helps in making a good choice. That is why we cordially invite you to visit our showroom in Montfoort. There we combine trendy glass decoration with the basic collection in varying expositions. In our showroom you will also find other decoration articles such as ceramic decoration articles. Of course we can also visit you, if you prefer that.

Please contact us or call one of our salesmen at +31(0)348-56 61 30.